‘Climate Change’ Is Not A Military Term

I am weary of “Operation Free.”

Whenever military procurement, national security, and energy independence merge as issues, be cautious of who are marked as “enemies.”

The message that is framed by this video acknowledges that the impetus for war in Iraq was largely based on oil, but it does not recognize nor acknowledge that warfare and US military action/posture (overt and covert/active military+contractors) are themselves major sources of animosity toward the United States. Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction, nor a connection to 9/11, yet the message of “Operation Free” implies that Iraqi oil did have something to do with  “terrorism”-related sources of threat to the United States.

The implied current and future “threat” that is described by “Operation Free” is non-specific, and if buying oil from Saudi Arabia funds “terrorism,” than why are we making the largest arms deal in all of US history with that nation (worth $60 billion)?

It is time for the contradiction between American isolationism and geopolitical military supremacy to be called out for hypocrisy. It is time for the militaristic and fear-based manipulation of American political opinion to stop.

The “Green Revolution” should not be built upon fear, animosity, and enmity, but rather upon local, regional, and international cooperation, partnership, and leadership. ‘Climate change’ is a global environmental,  ecological, health, economic, and social issue. It is not an American independence issue.

If anything, American dependency upon multinational corporations most obscures public perceptions of the real dynamics of geopolitical hard and soft power. It affects everything, including the framing, drafting, and wording of legislation, our electoral process, and our overall democratic establishment.

Key questions before the American people are: What factors distinguish between US national security interests, US strategic interests, and multinational corporate interests? When did war and peace stop being inherently governmental responsibilities? And when and how will “We the People” reaffirm that these responsibilities are among the most vital of those entrusted to Congress?

As an individual, I would rather support local green enterprise and small business for the sake of investing in the future of our global community, than support another top down policy that scapegoats the issues by calling the people of Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Colombia, Russia, and Iraq my enemies.

Peace is pragmatic and requires new ways of thinking.

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