Copyright Statement

As I have surfed the blogosphere I have come across countless discussions that concern the creation and management of blogs and the use of copyrighted materials. Seeking to offer respect and consideration toward the rights of artists and copyright holders, I believe that it is important to state here forthrightly that I have created this blog as a venue for offering peace and conflict resolution education curriculum, opinion, reflection, critique, criticism, comment, analysis, satire, and parody of political language, behavior, events, and culture.

I am seeking to delve into the universe of popular cultural materials, as popular culture hinges upon shared aspects of experience and knowledge. To be able to offer examples from the vast archives of movie, television, radio, and audio clips, music, and miscellaneous videos that are posted on the web is extraordinarily helpful to my ability to fully express the subjects and themes that I am seeking to evoke and discuss. Most videos have been linked from or were found on YouTube.

If there is any concern or disapproval of the use of these materials by copyright holders, please contact me at I would be happy to offer a formal request for permissions of use or to make the necessary changes.

Thank you.

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