A DrLorax Film: We Are One Planet, featuring J. Robert Oppenheimer and Carl Sagan

A DrLorax Film: Preparing for the Someday Missile War

A DrLorax Film: Athena, Columbia and Aegis BMD: A Story of Mythology and Modernization

A Mashup: Senator Daniel Inouye & Koyaanisqatsi (by Philip Glass)

A DrLorax Film: Riposte the Myths of Newt, Part One

Revealed via Secret Tape, Mitt Romney’s POV on Foreign Policy

The secretly taped video of Mitt Romney’s remarks to a small and private audience of campaign donors reveals more than what he thinks of President Obama’s supporters and “47% of Americans.” In the full length, hour-long version of the video that has been released by Mother Jones, Romney did something that he rarely does; he … Continue reading

Nonviolent Cinema: Battle in the Streets #OccupyWallStreet #OWS


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Promote The General Welfare: Part 1

‘Climate Change’ Is Not A Military Term

I am weary of “Operation Free.” Whenever military procurement, national security, and energy independence merge as issues, be cautious of who are marked as “enemies.” The message that is framed by this video acknowledges that the impetus for war in Iraq was largely based on oil, but it does not recognize nor acknowledge that warfare … Continue reading